Insider Information Into How The Hiring Process Works

Do you wish you had the secret to getting hired? Do you find yourself longing for the right insight to get your foot in the door? In order to land that dream job or to continue on in the hiring process, you need to know how the hiring process works. This means going above and beyond just attracting attention with a good resume—for this is about being the candidate that truly stands out from all the rest.

Insider Information Into How The Hiring Process Works

If you want to get the interview and be the selected candidate, then you need to think like a hiring manager. You need to consider that for just one job opening, they may see up to hundreds of resumes. How can you win out over all of the other qualified candidates?

You need to know how to customize your skills, show that you are truly a match for the job, and also show them from the very beginning that you are somebody worth looking at. It may sound like an impossible task, but you can do this with the right know how.

Show Them You Can Be a True Asset

You’ve probably received a lot of advice through the years about having a clean resume and a winning cover letter. These things really do matter, but if you want to know how to impress the hiring manager it’s going to take more than that. This is about being yourself, celebrating your accomplishments, coming across confidently, and ultimately being able to sell them that you are truly the best candidate for the job.

With a little preparation and the ability to showcase your experience in the right way, you can impress anybody and move along in the hiring process.

If you want to land that interview or get that offer, then you need to be able to sell yourself. It’s a balancing act for you don’t want to come on too strong, but you do want to show that you are confident and self assured.

You want to demonstrate how your background can make for a true asset, but you also don’t want to sound rehearsed. Take the time to think through your answers and work at your presence. Along with that, be certain that you think through the following elements to win out in the hiring process overall.

Just Be Natural

Some people try too hard, and some people don’t try hard enough. Put your best foot forward and let your best qualities shine through. The thing is that if you want to get into the mindset of a hiring manager, it’s all about finding balance and refreshing honesty.

They have been through countless interviews with more candidates than they can count—and they want somebody who is honest, who knows how to hold their own in an interview, and who can show them that they are worth looking at.

Here’s how you show them that this is you, and it’s truly not as hard as you might think.

Good Experience Trumps Bells and Whistles

The hiring manager doesn’t want a gift or a resume on special colored paper. They want a candidate to demonstrate good experience and an ability to take on responsibilities. Forget about the bells and whistles, for they just come across as you trying too hard. Let your hard work and fantastic background be what impresses them. You’ll get much further this way!

Demonstrate Specific Qualifications

Don’t speak too broadly or come off as a “Jack of All Trades” because this will work against you. Instead speak to something specific that you’ve done in your past that directly correlates to this job. You need to show that you understand the connection and that you can come up with solutions based on your past history. This is how to impress them and move along in the hiring process.

They’ve Heard it All Before

You need to prepare and practice for the interview, but delivering canned answers like you are reading from a script won’t help your cause. The interview team has heard it all before and will discount those questions.

Do not come in rehearsed because it will look like you’re trying too hard. Sure there may be some of the typical questions, but put your own spin on your answers. Even when you’re at the stage of sending in a resume, don’t go with the standard cover letter—go above and beyond and show a little hint of who you are as a candidate.

Be Honest and Genuine

While they can sympathize with you being a little nervous, they don’t want to see that your nerves get the best of you. Be yourself and remember that this can only become bigger than you if you let it. They love candidates that are sincere, who provide thoughtful answers, and who are honest in what they think.

If you can remember all of this and find that fine balance, then you are going to win over a hiring manager at any stage of the process! You now know what it takes, so be yourself and show them that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Dan Sawyer

Founding editor and head writer of Dan is a job interview and career expert, with more than 20 years of experience in senior roles at high tech leaders Space Exploration Technologies and Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

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