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Expert Employee is the go-to destination for employees to learn how to navigate the workforce and their careers.

We share insider information that companies don’t want employees to know. Learn how to level the playing field and come out on top.

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In every company, employees are at a severe disadvantage when they interact with management. We share the insider knowledge you need to level the playing field. Once you know how company leadership and HR professionals operate you can reach better, more equitable outcomes that advance your career.

Our Story

Expert Employee started in 2014. After working in management roles for 10 years at Samsung Austin Semiconductor, founder Dan Sawyer recognized a significant knowledge gap when staff members dealt with company leadership and human resources.

Employees do not know how to effectively advocate for their own careers. Even when team members are proactive, their misconceptions about how businesses should operate interfere with their ability to advance their performance and increase their compensation.

Managers have extensive leadership development programs and Human Resources members go to college with a degree program created to meet their needs. The reality is that most employees do not have frequent issues at work, so when they do need help or assistance they don’t have the knowledge they need.

Expert Employee will always focus on quality over quantity and we started slowly. The first few years were a trickle of articles based on our own leadership experience of helping employees.

Then in 2019, I departed Space Exploration Technologies and considered my next career challenge. With my youngest daughter starting her final year of high school, I decided to put more energy into what had been my side project and grow Expert Employee into an authority website.

We continue to grow our content and add contributors that are experts in their field, including helping users on Reddit (u/ExpertEmployee_com) and Quora (Expert Employee).

Our Mission

Expert Employee set out to pull back the curtain on common business practices and level the playing field for every employee. With transparency comes empowerment. We explain frequent challenges facing employees and how to navigate their interactions with corporate executives and human resources.